Wide range of Water and Solvent-based DYES.


Colours for applications by spray, rag, immersion: Stains, Decapè, Glaze, Patinas for steel wool and Old style Effects.

Our products

  • “T” series - Bi-soluble CONCENTRATED Colours catalogue
  • Solvent-based CONCENTRATED Colours “V” series
  • VEHICLES for bi-soluble, water and solvent-based stains


Entirely indicative colors. Please consider only the official catalogue.


Bi-soluble concentrated colours “T” series catalogue

Giallo LuceGiallo Luce / Light yellow
CiliegioCiliegio / Cherry wood
IrokoIroco / Iroco
Giallo SoleGiallo Sole / Sun yellow
TeakTeak / Teak
CastagnoCastagno / Chestnut
GialloGiallo / Yellow
Noce biondoNoce biondo / Fair walnut
RovereRovere / Oak
ArancioArancio / Orange
Bruno RossoBruno rosso / Red brown
Noce scuroNoce scuro / Dark walnut
Rosso fiammaRosso fiamma / Flame red
MoganoMogano / Mahogany
WengeWenge / Wenge
RossoRosso / Red
PalissandroPalissandro/ Palisander
VerdeVerde / Green
BluBlu / Blue
NeroNero / Black
Verde FogliaVerde foglia / Leaf Green

*Colors obtained by diluition 1:10 with water.





PCI – Solved concentrated pasta

Pasta Giallo OssidoPCI67:
Giallo Ossido / Oxide Yellow
Pasta Rosso OssidoPCI68:
Rosso Ossido / Oxide Red
Pasta Bruno RossoPCI69:
Bruno rosso / Red Brown
Pasta Giallo LimonePCI70:
Giallo Limone / Lemon Yellow
Pasta GialloPCI71:
Pasta Gialla / Yellow
Pasta BiancaPCI72:
Pasta Bianca / white
Pasta BluPCI73:
Pasta Blu / blue
Pasta NeraPCI74:
Pasta Nera / Black
Pasta RossaPCI75:
Pasta Rossa / Red
Pasta Rosso ScarlattoPCI76:
Rosso Scarlatto / Scarlet Red
Pasta BrunoPCI77:
Pasta Bruno / Brown
Pasta VerdePCI78:
Pasta Verde / Green
Pasta ArancioPCI79:
Pasta Arancio / Orange

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