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Wood Coatings and Colours since 1962

Kemichal S.r.l. produces for over 50 years wood coatings and colours and markets its products in Italy and abroad.
Its range products includes: Polyurethane, Nitrocellulose, Acrylics, Synthetic and Water-based Coatings, for both interior and exterior use. Stains, Patinas, Concentrates Colorants and Pigmented Pastas, both water-based and solvent-based. Pigmented Primers and Top-Coats on the color range of RAL and NCS catalogues, included into our Tintometric System: “Kemilac Color System”. Oil-based and Wax-based Varnishes, Polyester Primers, Electrostatic Varnishes, Primers and Plaster for frames.
Varnishes for Parquet and Staircases. Water-based Impregnating Stains and certified Top-Coats for exterior. Special Effects such as Embossed/sanded, Pearl, Briar, Decapè, Cracked, Gold and Silver metal, Aluminum, Adhesive Promoter for plastic, metal and glass surfaces. Additives for the wood protection and treatment.