Varnishes for Parquet

The Varnishes for Parquet are products suitable for the functional and aesthetic walkable wooden surfaces treatment which guarantee the maximum wear, scratch and impact resistance. They are available in polyurethane, acrylic, oil and water versions.


Applicable on specific wooden surfaces for stairs and floors.

Our products

  • Polyurethane and Acrylic PRIMERS
  • Polyurethane and Acrylic TOPCOATS, Glossy, Semigloss and Matt
  • “HIGH SOLID” Polyurethane TOPCOATS in conformity with regulations 2004/42/CE
  • Monocomponent GLOSSY
  • Acrylic Primer Topcoat 3426M, with test reports by "GIORDANO" and "CATAS" Institute
  • Coating System for Parquet with test reports by “C.E.R.T.O. Institute” with Acrylic Topcoat 1527
  • Water-based Varnish for Parquet 2960, with test reports by “CATAS Institute”
  • KEMIOIL – oil for parquet, coloured and transparent



WATER-BASED VARNISH FOR PARQUET 2960 PLUS (OA1230P), with test reports by CATAS Institute
   1) CATAS - Test Reports n. 106364/1 -  EN 13442/02     

   2) CATAS - Test Reposrts n. 106364/3 - UNI EN 14354:2005     


POLYURETHANE PRIMER 143 + C1370I & ACRYLIC TOP-COAT 1527 + C1683, with test reports by CERTO Institute

  Test Report by C.E.R.T.O. Institute n. 662 - Scratch strength Taber Test

  Test Report by C.E.R.T.O. Institute n. 663 - Abrasion strength Taber Test

  Test Report by C.E.R.T.O. Institute n. 669 - Adhesion Test

  Test Report by C.E.R.T.O. Institute n. 697 - Adesion Dinamometric Test


ACRILYC TOPCOAT-PRIMER 3426 M (OCV826) + C3360B (C325) at 15%, with test reports by CATAS & GIORDANO Institute
  1) CATAS - Test Report n. 235500/1 - Quadrettatura UNI EN ISO 2409:2013     

  2) CATAS - Test Report n. 235500/3 - Resistenza all'urto ISO 4211-4:1988

  3) CATAS - Test Report n. 235500/6 - Resistenza ai liquidi freddi UNI EN 12720:2013

  4) GIORDANO - Test Report n. 356194 - Resistenza all'abrasione UNI EN 13329:2017



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