Acrylic for Interior

The Acrylic Varnishes for Interior can be Mono and Bi-component, with excellent transparency, chemical-physical resistance and yellowing resistance.


Thanks to its excellent chemical-physical characteristics, it is particularly suitable for open-pore painting cycles, highlighting the natural effect of wood.

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   Giordano Institute UNI EN 15501-1.2019_376061_Fire classification_Transparent Cycle



FONDO FINITURA ACRILICO 3426 M (OCV826) and C3360B (C325) by 15%, with Test Report by "CATAS" e "GIORDANO" Institute
  1) CATAS - Test Report n. 235500/1 - Quadrettatura UNI EN ISO 2409:2013     

  2) CATAS - Test Report n. 235500/3 - Resistenza all'urto ISO 4211-4:1988

  3) CATAS - Test Report n. 235500/6 - Resistenza ai liquidi freddi UNI EN 12720:2013

  4) GIORDANO - Test Report n. 356194 - Abrasion resistance UNI EN 13329:2017

  5) GIORDANO - Test Report n. 396644 - Slip resistance UNI EN 13036-4:2011


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