Certified company

uni en isoKemichal S.r.l obtained in 2001 the  System Quality Certification  in conformity with the international norm UNI EN ISO  9001.
The Quality Management System, in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001, is aimed at improving the business organization: detects and describes the working methods of the company and the existing checks, provides the structuring capabilities, the management of its resources and production processes in order to recognize and meet the needs of its customers. The Quality System is certified by a qualified external agency with annual inspection.

uni enKemichal S.r.l. has obtained the UNI EN 13501-1:2019 Fire resistance certification by Giordano Institut (Italy) for acrylic varnish OCV869RF, with calssification B - s1, d0. This certificated transparent system consists of three coats 130 g/mq of transparent acrylic varnish for interior code OCV869RF, catalyzed by 20% with catalyst code C340S. Different gloss degrees are available from 10 to 50 glosses (see technical datasheet).
Kemichal fire-retardant system delays fire propagation efficiently, developing a barrier against fire and reducing combustion and wood carbonization. Beyond his fire resistance features, acrylic varnish OCV869RF give a high aesthetic value to the product.

catas Kemichal S.r.l also received in 2001 the certificate for the water-based coating system for exterior, in conformity with the EN 927-2 performance specification and the additional requirements.
That certificate for the water-based coating system for exterior has been awarded by CATAS Institute, currently the foremost Italian research and development center and testing laboratory for the wood and furniture industry. The certification of the product implies periodic sampling within the company by CATAS, constant internal checks by the company and periodic verifications of compliance with the requirements. This certification makes sure that all the production subject to certification satisfies the requirements, simultaneously encouraging improvement of products.