Medwood 2022

Athens, Greece - April 01-04 2022

Metropolitan Expo, Pavillon 3D - Stand 19.

MEDWOOD is the ideal field for any professional who wants to expose all its news, but also the new trends in the wood and furniture sector to a wide and targeted audience. Each Medwood is a global platform for direct communication between companies on new trends in architecture, design and everything related to bioclimatic design and new trends in wood construction techniques.

With emphasis on extroversion

Medwood exceptionally fills the void in the extroversion efforts of Greek companies, creating all the appropriate channels of communication between professionals in the sector, through the organized visits of potential buyers and investors.

The focus is on the hotel market and tourism

Tourism and consequently the hotel market are the cornerstone of the Greek economy. For this Medwood attaches particular importance to the communication and promotion of the hotel sector through extensive collaborations with tourism and hospitality organizations!

Medwood meets high standards for both exhibitors and visitors. Initially, the targeted approach of professional visitors from Greece and Cyprus, but also from the Balkan countries and Northern Europe and the Middle East through multifaceted advertising, offers exhibitors an excellent environment to promote their work to a wide range. of professionals, thus helping even more in the part of the extraversion required.

Furthermore, the public visiting Medwood belongs not only to the wood and furniture industry, but also to architects, decorators and designers, as well as the hotel sector, thus further broadening the horizons of each participating company. But in addition to all the above, an important added value comes from the organization of parallel events with avant-garde themes that concern and are of great interest for the wood-furniture sector.


METROPOLITAN EXPO is the most modern exhibition center in Greece. It has parallel, ground floor, spacious and high-ceilinged halls, spectacular reception areas, covered corridors, and fully-equipped venues for events, business meetings and press-rooms. Furthermore, it has restaurants, bars in each hall, wireless internet, a parking surface of 110.000 m2 for visitors and particular parking areas for exhibitors and coaches.

The access is easy via the Attica Highway or via the suburban railway and metro (terminal) wherefrom chartered coaches shall transfer visitors to the exhibition center free of charge.

In addition to certain advantages, comes its location in close proximity to hotels, shopping centers, recreation areas and, certainly, to the international airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”.

Another important benefit for the Metropolitan Expo is the Covid Shield - Principal Level certification.

Through this certification, the functioning of the Metropolitan Expo is ensured and strengthened, as the largest, most modern and safest exhibition center in Greece, adapted to international standards and practices, with the main aim of the safety and health of both exhibitors and visitors, as well as and all staff, further improving their infrastructure and services, as evidenced by this certification.




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